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At the Wedgwood Collection we believe in protecting the natural advantages that make our part of Pennsylvania so special - the woods and hills, the Delaware River and Canal, the clean fresh air, and not surprisingly our small village of New Hope - (incorporated in 1622 and also a National Historic District) and the nearby farms that surround us.

We are avid supporters of our local land conservancy and the nearby Wildflower Preserve at Washington Crossing State Park as well as the Audubon Society's Honey Hollow Environmental Center - which we encourage you to visit. Our fourteen covered bridges, three lakes and numerous hiking and biking trails in our nearby state and county parks are also great spots to explore. Without the intelligent and thoughtful combination of human and natural resources, however, nothing would distinguish New Hope and Bucks County from other rural Pennsylvania places.

Our guest houses have a number of environmental programs about which we would like you to know. We welcome your suggestions for other practical things we might do to generate less waste and pollution.

  • We separate our trash and recycle weekly. Please help us by putting newspapers and magazines you wish to discard to the side of your wastebaskets - same with travel brochures - so that we will have a head start on separating them from ordinary garbage. Your housekeeper will collect them daily.

  • We recycle glass (all colors) aluminum cans, tin and plastic, Leave to the side of your wastebasket or give them to your innkeeper or housekeeper.

  • We use shower aerators and are in the process of installing low-flow toilets to reduce water consumption.
    We have our own composting system for clean garbage and. landscape refuse.

  • Whenever available, we use biodegradable, low-phosphate cleaning agents, recycled paper and natural packaging products. Please tell us about any products you're familiar with, too!

  • We do all our laundry inn-house. Bed linens are changed every other day, bath linens every day. Should you feel that any of your linens are still fresh and you wish to use them again, please tell your housekeeper or your innkeeper, and we and the environment will be grateful to you. "Individuals can make a difference!"

We appreciate any cooperation you can give us.

Thank you,
Dinie and Carl

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